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Deposit bitcoin and get a 400% bonus the first 3 times!

Now you can use the most popular digital currency, Bitcoin, to deposit and win cash! To celebrate our brand new payment option, we’ll give you a 400% Bonus on your first 3 deposits. Take advantage of the best Bitcoin Bonus on the net!

Why use Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin deposits are safe, secure and quick
  • Bitcoin has no country borders so it can be sent anywhere in the world for free and in a matter of seconds
  • Bitcoin can be stored in a digital wallet on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Paying with Bitcoin is safe, trustworthy, neutral and the protocol cannot be controlled or manipulated by anyone
  • It’s easy to buy and you can spend it on anything you can think of
  • Each Bitcoin has a detailed history, which makes it almost impossible to counterfeit or replace

How to use Bitcoin?

  • Get a Bitcoin wallet
  • Purchase Bitcoin using a payment method of your choice
  • Once the transaction is complete, your Bitcoin will appear in your wallet and you’re ready to use them

For more info on how to buy and make a deposit with Bitcoin click here.

  • Bonus terms and conditions apply.
  • The deposit bonus is available for new and existing players.
  • The bonus applies only to deposits made using Bitcoin payment option and is valid for the first 3 deposits made via Bitcoin from 28th April onwards.
  • In order to redeem this offer a minimum deposit is required.

Bitcoin – How to deposit

To make a deposit using Bitcoin, simply follow the steps explained below:

1. Log in & click on the deposit button

Use your credentials to log in into your account or simply create one if you don’t have an account. After you login, click on the “Deposit” button found at the top-right corner of the page.

2. Enter amount & select payment method

Enter the amount you want to deposit and then select Bitcoin as your method of deposit from the dropdown menu.

3. Copy & confirm the Bitcoin address (code)

In the pop-up message that will appear, a Bitcoin address will be generated. Once you get the Bitcoin address, you can copy it in your Bitcoin wallet (if you are on a desktop computer) or scan the QR code with your smartphone and mobile wallet app (if you are on a mobile device).

In your Bitcoin wallet* add the Bitcoin address provided in the pop-up message shown at the previous step and confirm the amount of money you want to deposit.

*Recommended wallets: Coinbase, Cubits, CEX.IO, Coinmama, Kraken, breadwallet.

Simple guide to Bitcoin

Get a Bitcoin Wallet
This is a safe and secure place to keep your bitcoin until you use them. Getting a Bitcoin wallet is very simple!

Buy Bitcoin
Bitcoin can be bought instantly with your credit/debit card or via bank transfer through a regulated exchange. You must know that:

• Regulated exchanges are very safe and they require a picture of your ID to open an account. The verification process will take a little while, but once you get approval, you will be able to make instant purchases.

• If you own a large amount of bitcoin that you want to not use for a long period of time, the best way to stock bitcoin in this case is by using a paper wallet or a hardware wallet. These wallets are offline and cannot be hacked.

• You can mitigate risks by using more than one wallet to store and spend your bitcoin.

• Do not use the same bitcoin address more than one. In any case, most wallets will automatically take care of this for you.

Recommended wallets

Coinbase Cubits CEX.IO Kraken Coinmama breadwallet
Accepting USD & EUR EUR & USD and other 15 currencies USD USD & CAD EUR & USD Android & iOS
• Visa
• Mastercard
• Bank Transfer
(ACH/EFT US only)
• Visa
• Mastercard
• Skrill
• Sofort
• OKPay
• Visa
• Mastercard
• Bank Transfer
• Bank Transfer
• Visa
• Mastercard
• Either scan the receiver’s QR code or copy their address from your clipboard
• Enter PIN
Locations • Available in USA
& other 32 countries
• Available in Canada, France
& other 42 countries
• Restricted in USA
• Alabama
• Alaska
• Arizona
See all
Restricted in
• Alaska
• Connecticut
• Florida
See all
Available in 226 countries
Restricted in
• Alabama
• Alaska
• Arizona
See all
• No restrictions
Limits • Level 1 (Not Verified): €100 weekly
• Level 1 (Verified)
€3.000 daily
• Level 2 (Not Verified): €1.000 weekly
• Level 2 (Verified): €50.000 daily
• Up to €150
with only SMS
• Basic Verification:
€400 daily/€2.000
• Full Verification:
€10.000 daily/
€100.000 monthly
• Tier 2:
€2.000 daily/
€10.000 monthly
• Tier 3: €25.000
daily/ €200.000
• Level 0:
up to €150
• Level 1:
up to €10.000
• Level 2:
up to €50.000
• Level 3:
up to €1.000.000
• No restrictions
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