The Ultimate Vegas Racing Weekend, Fueled by Bitcoin

Entrepreneurs, innovators and athletes participate in the world’s first supercar racing experience paid in full in Bitcoin, or as the organizers like to say, “Fueled by Bitcoin.” The MaiTai BitFury Racing experience – a three-day VIP event from October 23 to 26 – is hosted by MaiTai Global founders Susi Mai and Bill Tai and professional race car driver Collete Davis, with the assistance of Bitcoin infrastructure provider and transaction processing company BitFury,…

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Bitcoin Will Never Be a Currency, It’s Something Way Weirder

The value of bitcoin surged past $1,000 this week, the first time it has reached such heights since late 2013. But don’t let that big number fool you: this strange and controversial technology is no closer to becoming a mainstream currency. Even Olaf Carlson-Wee, the first employee at Coinbase, the country’s most important bitcoin company, will tell you that bitcoin…

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BitPay Airs First TV Bitcoin Commercials On ESPN #BitcoinBowl

The Bitcoin community around the world is currently watching the #BitcoinBowl, and not necessarily for the schools competing (UCF vs. NC State). Instead, many were watching closely to see just how the word “Bitcoin” would be talked about and received by the public. Those involved in the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl have been working closely with BitPay for months to…

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